Totally Badass Stuff 2


  • Fought would-be assassins while naked.
  • Leapt off a balcony and exploded.
  • Was almost killed by velociraptors.
  • Defeated an “unbeatable” mechanical statue.
  • Burned an enemy hideout to the ground.
  • Abandoned his comrades and became a hunted fugitive.
  • Tried to escape a deadly live-or-die situation using a stinking cloud as cover.
  • Has a missing finger after being interrogated and tortured.
  • Led a stealthy prison breakout in which he cut one guy’s throat with magic and pushed another onto the sharp end of a hanging sword.
  • Cut free a pirate ship’s main sail, dropping it onto a wounded man, and ignited it…
  • …despite (and indeed because) of its proximity to a cargo hold filled with highly explosive chemicals.
  • Left an exotic creature to drown with not even a hint of remorse in his eyes.
  • Emerged from the trees like Rambo and dished out some punishment in Norman’s defence.
  • Had a short staff duel with another magician before pussying out and hiding behind Ignatious.
  • Secretly investigated a murder for which the Punishers were framed.
  • Suddenly appeared in a decisive battle and blew up some zombies.
  • Jumped off a building to escape the grip of flying undead skin.
  • Knocked a hated enemy off the back of a dragon with a magic missile.


  • Relentlessly defies success.
  • Smashed down a door to a mercenary hideout and stood there fearlessly as they got ready to kill him.
  • Skewered an enemy on his halberd, impaled him in the ceiling and walked away unarmed.
  • Was separated from the party by a massive explosion and lived to tell the tale.
  • Introduced an enemy to double penetration… with swords.
  • Had a one-on-one duel with a pirate captain and ALMOST won.
  • Finished business with the pirate captain by cutting off his head despite him being an outnumbered, unarmed, tied up prisoner.
  • Took on three hench guys by himself for at least half an encounter and still lasted the whole fight without being knocked out.
  • Turned a dangerous situation on its head by revealing the armour hidden beneath his cloak.
  • Walked through fire in order to engage the Chapter Finale boss by himself.


  • Leapt out of the first floor of an inn to beat up a small boy.
  • Took advantage of an attempted robbery to steal a crimson macaw from a pet shop.
  • Used a bed as a springboard to cut a guy in half.
  • Lost an eye in a deadly axe duel.
  • Used horse-breaking methods to tame a rage drake.
  • Killed a crocodile by deathrolling and biting its face.
  • Abandoned his comrades and became a hunted fugitive.
  • Tried to escape a deadly live-or-die situation using nothing as cover.
  • Smashed two insects against a third with his bare hands, instantly killing two of them, then pressed the head of the last against the ground with his foot and rotated its legs until its neck snapped.
  • Slaughtered a baker’s dozen of fellow, club-wielding prisoners.
  • Refused to sneak away from his jailors after being freed from captivity, instead choosing to charge directly into their midst and roar so that they would know he was no longer their prisoner.
  • Attempted to flip a tank onto its back.
  • Chased a receptionist through the city for no reason.
  • Picked up the Flaming Sphere with his bare hands and smashed a demon in the head with it.
  • Killed tens of innocent people just by searching for a lost parrot.
  • Finished off a one-armed, one-legged hulk zombie by chewing through its neck.


  • Improvised his introduction to the group on the spot after the original plan was foiled by two city guards.
  • Apparently has a good reason to wedge his bedroom door shut with a chair every night.
  • Jumped off a ledge to grab a winged drake in mid-air.
  • Got the secret base’s jukebox to work.
  • Convinced a small boy that he was a licensed physician.
  • Cut through a light fixture, dropping it over a guard to trap his arms against his sides.
  • Is a garotte master.
  • Constructed a catamaran mid battle.
  • Took on three pirates at once in an awesome sword battle, threw one overboard, fought and parried the other two as the soggy one clambered back up the ship, then decapitated him as he attempted to get back onto the deck.
  • Promised safety to a prisoner of war, took him into the shadows and slit his throat.
  • Became the best friend of tower camper no. 1 in no more than 30 seconds.


  • Turned stop, drop and roll into a falling tackle.
  • Has a knack for getting people drunk.
  • Jumped into a jelly whose innards can dissolve bones and stayed there for quite some time.
  • Took pot shots at pirates through fog and from quite a distance, managing to hit one in the leg by pure dumb luck.
  • Came to the aid of several party members only to bear the brunt of an exploding ship.
  • Pushed a guy’s face against a horse’s arse then smashed his knees into mushy red pancakes with her giant hammer.
  • Defied Grimlock.
  • Attacked Grimlock.
  • Insulted Grimlock.
  • Destroyed a fully functional tank.
  • Refused to flee from imminent death in order to pray for the vanquished spirit of a noble enemy.
  • Dueled a 25ft-tall demon (shortly after it easily threw Grimlock through a window) alone for 5 turns.
  • Stole Grimlock’s kill and swatted away his petty attempts at revenge.

The DM

  • Rules all.
  • Created two city guards that chased down a mysterious onlooker, caught him by becoming an organic wall and successfully upset Simon’s delicate plans to introduce his new character.
  • Enabled the Punishers to pursue a bleeding assassin in a long chase through the city, only to cheat them out of victory by arranging for them to find him dead via blood loss.
  • Set up a fight between “Boromir” and “Aragorn”.
  • Filled Arkham Asylum with dinosaurs.
  • Destroyed the party with one university dean and one entirely unrelated hideout ambush.
  • Expresses a female personality through Wasp, his personal player character.
  • The Boss.
  • Wrote the explosive suicide of Ricky Fenn into the story.
  • Created a character name off the top of his head which was so wonderful that four of us instantly fell in love.
  • Unknowingly helped Cath to satisfy her racist elven murder lust.

Totally Badass Stuff 2

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