Gerelden Locations

A list of the areas of Gerelden and some key locations within them (see also Gerelden Factions in 372 U.I. and Gerelden Factions in 363 U.I.)

Palace Borough – Central to the city, surrounded with a thick stone wall.

Contains the Royal Palace.

Greenchapel District – Some way north west of the palace. Not the poorest part of the city, but the poorest within the centre.

The Trade District – To the north, between the palace and the docklands; many warehouses, shipping companies and merchant offices.

Contains the Great Guild Hall; the Hall of the Royal Banking Association; and the Hall of City Factors.

Oldmarket District – Lies to the north of Greenchapel and west of the Trade District. Used to be the central location of specialist markets, which have now almost entirely migrated to the Trade District to be closer to the guilds. Several disreputable bazaars and fleapits remain.

Contains Mikatown market, which is full of scum, villainy and illicit items; and Arkham Asylum, a location for the treatment of those of unsound mind.

Docklands – On the banks of Sigrast Bay and the location of both merchant wharves and a naval dockyard.

Eld’s District – North east of the palace lie some of the oldest buildings in Gerelden, incorporating several archaic architectural styles. Previously associated with the wealthy and educated, it is starting to stagnate somewhat.

Contains Heddibrun University, a centre of learning in the city and rival to Esselfine.

The Residential District – South of the palace; though housing is obviously present throughout the city, the northern part of this district contains many mansions, particularly on the Greenway Park. Dwellings generally become shabbier further from the palace.

Contains the Greenway Park, a large open area which has semi-public rights of access and is farmed by the workers from several villas that lie around it; Drummer’s Mound, a gallows maintained where Greenway Park meets the Palace Borough wall, with a tower providing a defensible location for the watch in the event of a riot beginning.

Chancellery Lane – This area lies west of the palace and is associated with bureaucratic offices not important enough to lie within the Palace Borough itself.

It is the location of Esselfine University, rival of Heddibrun; and The Western House, a small city watch barracks.

The Elven Quarters – As of 363 UI, elven residents have become more sharply ghettoed in the west of city, close to the walls and the Canal Gate.

Southgate Borough – The area around Gerelden’s southern gate is militarised, for the assembly of Alba’s standing army if required. It is also the location of the biggest slums, which spill out of the gate and along the exterior of the main walls.

Gerelden Locations

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