Gerelden Factions (363 UI)

A list of factions operating within the city of Gerelden as of 363 U.I. (see also Gerelden Locations:


  • The King, royal household and extended royal family.
  • The King’s most powerful vassals, known as the Bearers of His Majesty‚Äôs Will, have apartments in the Palace Borough, though some live outside the city.
  • The City of Gerelden Watchmen are responsible for maintenance of public order and investigation of crime, as well as defence of the city in the event of siege; the organisation is presently riven with corruption and incompetence.
  • The standing regiments of the Alban army are mostly quartered in Pranx, with a few within the city itself.


  • The Royal Banking Association, suppliers of ivory for Ivory Petsos.
  • The various artisan and trading guilds, who exercise control from their offices in The Great Guild Hall.
  • The Elven Guild officially only has a mandate for elven-dominated trades not covered by the human organisations; in practice it also assists other elves in disputes with The Great Guild Hall.

Academic and Religious:

  • Scholars of all kinds are in residence at the rival universities of Heddibrun and Esselfine.
  • Various entities of the Formorian spirit pantheon are represented in the city by temples of a range of sizes.
  • There are many followers of the Carpenter, often amongst the poorest citizens.


  • The Applebys control much of the north of Gerelden, up to and including the docks.
  • The Tracermen, a roof running gang whose refusal to respect the turf of others has brought them conflict from without and within.

Gerelden Factions (363 UI)

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