A mysterious, tribal race of people who bear striking biological similarities to dragons. Though of humanoid form they look reptilian, are covered in scales and can breathe fire. The dragonborn are so rarely seen that they have been frequently declared in the civilised nations of Isalfyrne to be entirely fictional. Scholars only know for certain that they do exist because dragonborn mercenaries gain notoriety in Alba from time to time, and this has only been the case for around two hundred years. Lord Kedeva has become famous throughout the kingdom in recent years for employing a dragonborn known as Jamarak Cockslicer to enforce his will.

No dragonborn civilisations have ever been discovered, though it is certain that they exist somewhere in Isalfyrne. It is thought that they are few and distributed, living in separated tribes of 200 individuals or less, but this has never been proven. Dragonborn individuals are very tight-lipped about their origins and nothing has ever been learnt from bribing or torturing them. Alba, Eighprann and Na Beantann Alam all insist that there are no dragonborn tribes within their own borders. If this is true, they must live in the unmapped portions of the volcanic plains beyond the known realms of influence, dwelling in places that we would never expect or dare to investigate.

The only historical mentions of dragonborn in Alban history concern the exploits of hired dragonborn mercenary groups. The village of Raylack holds to the tradition that a group of dragonborn mercenaries appeared in the town in approximately 69 U.I. (more than 300 years ago). No written source has ever been verified to support this claim but, despite the skepticism of mainstream academia, the villagers are remarkably adamant in their history.

Claiming a vulgar surname such as “Cockslicer” or “Skullfucker” seems to be something of an in-joke amongst dragonborn mercenaries. Jamarak claimed several surnames in the years before settling on Cockslicer, including: Knobcutter, Chewsphincter, Manshanker, Corpselicker, Bitchshitter. Assuming that dragonborn are tribal creatures, perhaps they are known in their own societies by a given name and a tribe name, with no surname involved. When one of their outcasts enters Alban society, they are badgered for their surname by immigration officers and they respond by inventing a ridiculous one.

An excerpt from Empire’s Echo: A History of the World (by Oliver Finnagin):

“Records of humanoid lizards date back hundreds of years, so it is likely that the Dragonborn have not only been around for a good deal of time, but have also come into contact with human societies before. This notion is asserted with the fact that they speak a language extremely similar to common Human, and communication between the two races is usually nowhere near as complicated as expected. This is indeed odd, as the Elves and Dwarves, races with far more connections to Humans, have their own languages, sometimes causing a barrier. Though little is known of their folklore, it seems unlikely that they could have evolved from humans, as the differences between the two races is far greater than those of the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings, but, as stated earlier, previous contact with Humans seems likely.”


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