Associates of Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon has assembled several contacts in the city, with whom he attempts to circumvent some of the restrictions placed upon him by the nature of the city watch.

Paulus ‘Pauli’ Harding (Deceased) – Pauli was a former city watchmen who became disillusioned with the force and left. He quickly fell into homelessness and Khat dealing. Prior to his recent murder, he did some work as an informant for Detective Gordon, primarily relaying news from the homeless community and doing some investigative work.

Raest – Raest is a first year alchemical student at Heddibrun University, who has occasionally provided unsolicited hints to Detective Gordon. He participated in the Paulus Harding investigation but has since disappeared.

Ardar Cuthgrim – A former member of the Tracermen. He was implicated in the Paulus Harding investigation and worked with Raest to clear his name. Gordon intends to find a way to use his knowledge and contacts, but building up such a relationship will take time.

Viktor Bearington – An unknown quantity. A lower life form, raised not only to sentience but with apparent psychic abilities. Participated in the Harding investigation to clear its own name, but went missing afterwards.

Associates of Jim Gordon

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