Totally Badass Stuff


  • Set alight and destroyed a whole hoard of zombies with fire magic before they had the chance to attack anyone.
  • Electrified a load of partially submerged swamp ghouls with a Pikachu attack.
  • Got a serious SFX upgrade to his magic spells.
  • Reliably dealt out 50% of total party damage, entirely due to the fact that he…
  • Mistakenly used three times the allowed number of daily spells during the prologue and half of Chapter One.
  • Attacked a vineman by electrically forcing a dead boar to have a seizure.
  • Roasted the stolen carcass of a celebrated local hero.
  • Performed more self harm in an hour than the average emo-kid would in a year, but all for a good cause!


  • Has never once failed in his duties as the group’s stealth monkey.
  • Rode on top of a giant chess piece, making him pretty much invincible until he fell off.
  • Smashed his way through a stained glass window in a way that was totally awesome and did not result in him caning over.
  • Put two arrows in the face of a ghoul about to carve up Keyleth, shortly after executing…
  • the patented Grimlock/Lumen tag team attack, where Grimlock holds a creature and Lumen shoots it in the face/ass.
  • Hung a living shark on a wall.
  • Broke a turret with a dragon tooth.
  • Scaled the roof of a building only to fall off the other side, not emerging until the combat was over.
  • Wore a shark’s pectoral fin as a hat during a decisive battle.


  • Was almost willing to fight the entire party in a battle to the death over 2ip.
  • Shrugged off an infection that was pretty much AIDS.
  • Tried to pull a crab beast off a cliff with a grappling hook, knocked himself out, got up three turns later and tried the exact same thing again.
  • Slept off a skin rotting disease that was pretty much leprosy.
  • Learnt the professional sounding move “Advanced Lunge” but never mastered it.


  • Absolutely destroyed a terrified, fleeing goblin with 30 damage in an opportunity attack during his first ever encounter.
  • Killed a horse out of petty spite, then claimed he did it because he knew it was about to attack.
  • Added a skull to his inventory even though it was on fire.
  • Tried to persuade a giant ice dragon to be his steed in a diplomatic encounter, resulting in frost damage to the entire party, then made public plans to kill it and steal its treasure hoard, resulting in a surprisingly successful bluff check.
  • Is able to pull something’s head off and add it to his inventory in one turn as a minor action.
  • Carved up a giant zombie on 1 health point with a natural-20 32-damage critical hit.
  • Went after that werewolf no matter what.
  • Was willing to risk losing his great axe over the edge of a cliff by throwing it at a crab beast.
  • Leapt off a 60ft cliff onto a 12ft giant, taking 16 damage and getting slaughtered the next turn, solely because it was taller than him.
  • Has a Christ-like proficiency for rising from the dead.
  • Decimated three practically innocent farmers in one move by throwing his great axe.
  • Wore a shark’s tail as a hat during a decisive battle.


  • Black magic curses.
  • Touched a wounded dragonborn’s testicles in a swamp.
  • Denied Grimlock an awesome once-in-a-lifetime back-from-the-dead kill.
  • Died doing what she loved (lying on the floor).


  • Used Grimlock as a springboard (without permission) to cross a pit trap.
  • Beat Grimlock in a drinking contest.
  • Used Big Sol as a springboard (with permission) to launch an aerial assault.

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Totally Badass Stuff

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