Risen Adventurers

A mysterious and uncanny group of four heroes rumoured to have first emerged into the world from graves in a village cemetery. Though the Risen Adventurers have a history of being totally badass, the suggestion that they actually arose from death is scorned almost unanimously.

Professor Wistark Shizbitts (age 43) is a chartered wizard and prolific researcher of arcana. He works part-time for both the Magician’s Guild and Benin University, spending the vast majority of his time travelling the known world to pursue his studies. He is human, quite tall, with a huge handlebar moustache. Commonly regarded to be a forceful, stubborn and overconfident man, Shizbitts is a natural leader.

Lumen Hadron appears to be in his mid-twenties, but being an elf, this is not much to go by. By trade a part-time mercenary, Hadron has built a local reputation of taking only the contracts that sit well with his conscience. Also an accomplished hunter and craftsman, he is known to live off the land in the absence of respectable work. Reliably dressing, like most armed elves, in leather armour with a hooded green cloak, Hadron has no distinguishing features whatsoever.

Poobeyr Meatshield (age 34) fights for a living, taking almost any work he is given – provided that it is short term and physical in nature. He wears animal hides, bears a bushy beard and wields a large axe. He is a great lover of meat, drink and general luxury, invariably spending his pay on the finest food and board he can afford as he wanders from place to place. This love of the finer things appears to have bestowed an element of greed upon Meatshield’s otherwise quiet, cooperative temperament.

Grimlock Skullfucker (age ??) is by far the most recognisable of the party. Standing at an incredible 8’9 and wearing ill-fitting armour adorned with the decapitated heads of his foes, he is a gigantic, heavily armoured dragonborn with a penchant for violence and death. Skullfucker has an unquenchable desire to kill and destroy that is barely kept in check by direction from Wistark and Lumen. With origins shrouded in complete mystery, he is fearless, merciless and completely unpredictable.

Risen Adventurers

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