Raylack Swamps

Thick, mist-prone swamps that lie northeast of the village of Raylack, serving as the most direct route to Branock’s Gorge.

Though not usually too dangerous, townspeople and wanderers have occasionally been lost inside under strange circumstances. The bridges that once provided a safe path through the bog have long been left to rot, and today provide no reliable assistance to travellers. Fortunately, it is very rare for anyone to need to traverse the swamps – all of the main roads bypass them entirely.

372 U.I.

Whilst travelling through the swamp, the Risen Adventurers came into contact with a mysterious and arcane orb of light, which sought to charm the group and lead them into a watery grave – the dark and murky swamp water, it transpired, hid the magically reanimated corpses of those previously lost during the swamp’s long history, the waterlogged hands of the dead scrabbling to drag others into the depths with them.

Raylack Swamps

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