Raylack Farmers Guild

An organisation consisting of the vast majority of farmers in and around Raylack. A union of workers in agriculture has existed for much of Raylack’s recorded history, with varying degrees of power. Between 50-70 U.I. its power was greater than that of the Reeve.

Under the leadership of Albert Dunwithy it organised its own militia, collected monies in the form of both membership dues and protection money extorted from ‘townie’ businesses and undertook public works. In particular it organised the construction of Raylack Church, both as a means to place itself beyond reproach from the county lord and to siphon money from donations to the project. Had events not conspired against him, Albert Dunwithy would have become de facto King of a settlement of 500 people, and would almost certainly have dragged it up as a booming market town.

After the killing of Dunwithy, the new lord organised a purge of the Farmers Union. Those who had been leaders in the group were murdered or forced off their lands. New settlers, loyalists to the manor, created a new Farmers Guild under severe restrictions. This new guild was eventually released from its prohibitions but has never regained the character of the old. Whereas previously the guild represented all agricultural workers, currently only farmers themselves are represented. It may form bands to fight creatures that prey upon the cattle of innocent farmers, but these are limited to no more than eight men, must be authorized by the Reeve and may not enter the centre of town.

372 U.I.

The organisation became a pale and dysfunctional imitation of the previous institution. The leadership of Unionmaster Berek Moor constantly brought into question by the covetous Cain Dunwithy, causing petty squabbles during times of crisis – any help that the Guild provided to its members was usually only of token effort, due primarily to these internal conflicts.

In the midst of the mysterious events which took place during the final days of the year, Moor was tragically killed during The Second Battle of Branock’s Gorge. Dunwithy saw an opportunity to mount a coup, assembling a small force and marching into the village centre. He was met by the timely arrival of the Risen Adventurers and heated words soon turned to violence.

Dunwithy was arrested for inciting unrest and, though there were calls for his execution – his acts having lead to several deaths, he was extradited and imprisoned by edict of Lord Kedeva.

The Farmer’s Union was reestablished shortly after a ceremony to scatter the ashes of the freshly cremated Albert Dunwithy, now a democratic union to be lead than no less than three elected officials.

Raylack Farmers Guild

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