Encounter 26

Slithering vine appears.

Moss creature appears. Norman hangs a weird magic sword over it.

Wistark sets both enemies on fire. Ignatious is inspiring.

The party get in Wistark’s way. Wasp shurikens the vine at close range.

Ignatious and Norman attempt to flank the moss creature, but the terrain isn’t great.

Norman gets eaten but maintains the weird sword by sheer force of will.

The vine burns to death. Moss creature begins sucking energy out of Norman to maintain itself.

Moss monster is immune to electricity, so Wistark resorts to persistent magic missiles.

Wasp wrecks the moss creature by doing something cool after several turns of its health being whittled down, saving Norman just in time to prevent his permanent death.

Encounter 26

The Whisperer in Darkness Wistark