Encounter 25

Norman tip-toes into the room in such exaggerated fashion that you would almost think he was doing it sarcastically. Weapons hang from every wall, and Norman is not even close to his target when he jostles several spears with an enthusiastic arm motion. The standing thug turns around and sees a wide-eyed dwarf in front of him. Norman runs forward and attempts to grab him.

The armed foe draws a knife and slashes Norman’s outstretched hand, drawing blood from the palm. Wistark runs into the room (his face twisted with furious disgust), throwing Wasp’s borrowed sword to Norman as he enters. Wasp runs lithely past him and throws herself at the sleeping thug, now rudely awakened by the sound of Norman and his enemy bashing against the wall.

In her haste to silence him she does not aim her attack well, and her short sword slashes past his jerking shoulder. Taking advantage of the distraction, Wistark levitates a hanging sword off the wall behind the groggy guard such that its point faces his back. He then uses a thunderwave to throw the seated man off his chair onto the sword. The man is impaled through the back and the end of the blade sprouts bloodily from his chest.

Wasp caterpults herself over the desk to join Norman in the fight against the other thug. She knocks this enemy in such a way that he finds himself pincered between her and Norman – a terrible place to be. Norman, however, is yet to finish ruining everyone’s day. He notices that there is a box at the other end of the room and suspects that his equipment may be inside. Feeling that the sharp, well-made sword he holds is useless in comparison to the holy symbol he usually wields, he abandons the battle to walk over to the chest. It is locked.

The man on the sword is apparently still in a fighting mood. He tries to pull himself free. Wistark blasts him with another thunderwave, forcing him back to the sword’s hilt and tearing his insides up a little further. Wasp is enraged with Norman for ruining her manoeuver, and in her fury manages to land a particularly devastating attack. She springs upwards using the desk and arranges her body weight behind her sword, then thrusts it into the enemy’s shoulder as she falls. The thug is fatally wounded, but lifts his weapon for one last attack.

Wistark blasts him with magic, finishing him off before his attack can land. The wizard then turns his attention back to the guy pinned on the wall just in time to see Norman charge past and add Wasp’s spare sword to the impaled collection. Already bleeding heavily, the thug does not try to retaliate when this second weapon passes through his rib cage and embeds in the wall. He instead chooses to quietly bleed to death. The fight is over.

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Encounter 25

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