A slender race of people distinguished by their pointed ears (capable of detecting sounds at greater distances and higher frequencies than human ears) and extended lifespans. Many elves live in in small treetop villages, building with such masterful craftsmanship that visitors rarely notice where the trees end and the village begins.

Despite their preference for living quietly away from other races, elves can quickly adapt to a human lifestyle. This was demonstrated by the elves of Veriibel, conquered by Alba in 49 U.I. Their seamless integration into human society over the last three centuries has revealed a closeness to the human species that is further reinforced by the ability to procreate – “half-elves” have human and elven traits.

Elves are found in many parts of the world but there are several groups of particular interest. The Alban elves, who are a majority of the population in the counties of Amorn, Arkbolt, Scrimsley and Belonia, have become a valued part of the nation and developed a reputation for fine artwork and crafting skills. Far less hospitable are the Exodites, independent elven clans and settlements scattered throughout the world, including within the forests and wooded areas across the volcanic plains of Isalfyrne. Maintaining the independence of their settlements between the scattered human states, with the added complication of the yearly Alban raids, requires amazing skills in woodcraft which have been declining in their southern kin. Meanwhile, the elven empire sits as a forbidding presence on the far edges of the traveled world, unknown and unwelcoming.

Excerpt from Empire’s Echo: A History of the World (by Oliver Finnagin):

“Ancient elven tales tell of groups of human hunters and farmers that went into the forests, woodlands, hills and other wild places away from civilisation. These humans slowly evolved into the elves of today: their slender frames and excellent hearing giving them advantages in the wilderness that allowed them to become faster hunters and more adept at keeping themselves hidden.”


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