A list of the more interesting creatures encountered (and hopefully dispatched) by the Risen Adventurers.


  • The werewolf.
  • The Otyugh, a slime carrion creature.
  • The treacherous will o’ the wisp, a ghostly light encountered in Raylack Swamps.
  • Mysteriously aggressive vines, encountered in Father Malley’s garden, that seem to be vulnerable to ice and fire.
  • An unfortunate shark, dropped onto the group in a flooding room and harpooned accidentally by Lumen Hadron.

The Thinny

  • A huge Sarlacc-like wall of tentacles that demons can use as a portal to and from the spirit world. This maw, encountered in Branock’s Gorge, can send out a steady stream of devastating mind attacks to any number of approachers, and will lash out with tentacles at those who get too close.

Thinny Spawn

  • The Dretch, demonic gorilla monsters that were feeding on the corpse of Isabelle Toulson at her father’s farm.
  • Odd, mobile lumps of flesh that, though weak and easily defeated, can enhance the powers of allies (such as Dretch) after being slain by coating them with black slime.
  • Large tentacle masses, encountered at Toulson Farm and Branock’s Gorge. They can attack at range with powerful psychic blasts and have a great proficiency for levitation.
  • Thunder crab beasts, stocky monsters that are resistant to magic and capable of attacking at any range with electricity.

Creatures never encountered by the Risen Adventurers include:

  • The Sarlacc


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