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  • Sol-Ket Taern

    [[Carvahall]] is ruled by a Sol-Ket, an accomplished veteran elected by the people who answers only to the King of Alba. Sol-Ket Taern, previously a law enforcer, holds the position at present and is halfway through his seven year term.

  • Tell

    Tell remains a bit of a mystery. It appears that she was some sort of bodyguard for the witch [[:rhea | Rhea]] up until the witch betrayed her for some reason - possibly as a test of the morality or courage of the Greil Mercenaries. Quite what the …

  • Rhea

    Very knowledgeable, very mysterious, possibly a bit insane.

  • Sunspeaker Nala

    Nala n'Kuori l'Manneo was once one of the Sunspeakers - a religious sect that trains goliaths who are born with magic. However, at some point she claims to have been cast out of Carvahall due to the hideous scars that cover one side of her face. After …

  • Elanna

    Elanna has offered some details into her past: Born in a village in the Alban county of Pescado, her father took her to live in Gerelden for several years, where she studied magic for a time. Eventually she left to go travelling. She witnessed the …

  • The Bearded Goliath

    Update: it took three years - "Mission Three":https://the-whisper-in-darkness.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/mission-three started in July 2012 and finished in July 2015.