Tag: Greil Merc


  • Grimlock Skullfucker

    None know this savage dragonborn warrior better than his frequent companions Lumen Hadron and Wistark Shizbitts, but even they know nothing of his past beyond the nickname '_General Grimmers_' and the posters demanding his capture or death that can be …

  • Greil

    Having appeared in central Alba only recently, Greil has yet to make a name for himself or the group that carries his name. However, he is trailing a giant black dragon. That gets him a few points.

  • Tarkus the Swift

    Tarkus wanders from place to place looking for work and appears to enjoy the fights he gets into. Though he claims to have a wife and family in [[Gol mountains | the Gols]] most know him only to be some ageing mercenary who loves to eat. Despite the ' …

  • Gregg Khananashvili

    Enjoys a drink, seems religious, claims to be local to Aridin's Goxhill village and yet is pretty much a total mystery. In battle he casts unconventional magic spells via unconventional means - prayer. It is certain that such magic was learned somewhere …