Prof. Wistark Shizbitts

Bold, moustachioed wizard.


Professor Shizbitts is most distinguishable for his furrowed brow and huge brown moustache. Some have seen a strange purple aura around the wizard or remarked that he has a pleasant smell, but these are actually features of his djinni Spyro. He wears a hooded cloak when outdoors, usually in maroon, russet or crimson, and walks with a tall, ornate staff that is distinctive for the two blades joined onto its base.

Wistark currently serves as a professor at Benin University in the Ruin city of Nijama, where he sporadically teaches magic science and the humanities. He is a prolific researcher of arcana for the university and for the Magician’s Guild of Mali, which lies 25 miles to the east. His research requires him to travel for weeks or months at a time, though he often does this even when it is not necessary.


In the rural village of Naribwe upon Furnscote’s fertile plains, young Wistark was considered a prodigy. Funded by his moderately wealthy farmer-merchant parents he invested his boyhood in the learning of history, science, nature and geography. Ambitious and confident, Wistark journeyed alone to distant Ghent in order to attend Cyan University at the age of 14. His illusions of greatness were there shattered as, instead of being a prodigy, he found his age and countryside education had put him near the bottom of the class.

Infuriated at the lack of respect from his peers, Shizbitts spent many years after his graduation seeking power and knowledge, and in his frequent travels began to nurture the aptitude for magic that he had previously used only for petty prestidigitation. In a harsh world plagued by monsters and the wild forces of magic, Wistark’s power and self-confidence were highly regarded by common folk. He was frequently elected to positions of leadership, such as in Zinder, a large fortified town on the northern edge of Pescado, where he served as mayor for five years.

However, when Wistark eventually joined the Magicians Guild of Mali to be formally trained in wizardry he found himself to be little respected in the wizarding community, with many fellow magic users even considering him to be brash and arrogant. This quiet disapproval continued even after Shizbitts completed the training and took a role as a researcher of Arcana, leading him to decline the offer to live permanently in the Guild. He started wearing large crimson robes while travelling so that he could seek power and knowledge, as in his youth, under the cover of anonymity.

Prof. Wistark Shizbitts

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