Tanis Asclepis


Asclepis is in his late forties, tall, with brown hair and eyes. He is in excellent physical condition. Tanis wears a long white coat, which he is fastidious about keeping clean (it is the whitest piece of clothing in Raylack). Beneath it is generally a waistcoat and shirt, with well fitted trousers. He is almost as obsessed with keeping these clean as his coat. To avoid getting blood on his clothes he has a leather smock apron with sleeves, which he wears when examining a patient.

When outside the surgery he generally caries a medical bag with bandages, forceps, scalpels, drills, saws…


Tanis is the physician of Raylack. He is known for his no-nonsense approach and dismissal of all supernatural or religious ideas, something which has cost him a lot of business. He is interested in history and is a Light Age Metaphorist. His motto is ‘Physician, heal thyself’, so keeps himself in top physical condition. He very rarely attends the inn and only drinks ginger beer when he does.

Despite the separate inquiries of both Lumen and Sheriff Brandis, Tanis seems entirely without any kind of scandal hanging over him. The man is suspiciously clean.

Tanis Asclepis

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