Sunspeaker Nala

Powerful goliath magician


Nala n’Kuori l’Manneo was once one of the Sunspeakers – a religious sect that trains goliaths who are born with magic. However, at some point she claims to have been cast out of Carvahall due to the hideous scars that cover one side of her face. After this she was forced to turn to prostitution.

She was close by when she witnessed the crash of the black dragon and, filled with pride and hatred, devised a plan to extract its power for herself using a ritual learned from an ‘unorthodox text’. She raced to the crash site, arriving before anyone else, and performed the ritual. Unfortunately, "the beast was tainted with foul magic!” – making her crazy and paranoid.

When Carvahall’s military arrived, she became convinced they were a threat to her safety and attacked them with elemental constructs forged from the power she gained from the dragon. However, this power turned out to be merely temporary and diminished over the following days. By the time the Greil Mercenaries arrived, she was significantly weakened, dying from its curse.

Sunspeaker Nala

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