Sol-Ket Taern

Ruler of Carvahall


“The palisade wall, instead of running in a full perimeter around the settlement as would be the logical assumption, instead connects at both ends of its 270 degree loop to a large spire of rock: one of the many gnarled fingers of the mountain range.

Though a sheer cliff face, I could see that a large, ornate wooden structure was built onto it, accessible by a large set of doors, beside which, two armed guards stood watch. As we approached, the guards offered curt nods and gestured for us to enter. The heavy doors swung open to reveal a lavishly decorated hallway, its walls adorned with carvings depicting goliaths participating in various heroic acts. Large, flaming sconces were placed in two rows on the ground at even intervals along the room’s centre, leading to a raised area where a robed figure sat on a royal-looking chair, much as a human lord would.

The figure stood as we approached and, surprisingly, gave a slight bow. He was the oldest goliath I have ever seen, with a greatly decreased body mass – only his height, skin colour, and complicated facial tattoos made him look something other than human. “My humble thanks,” he croaked, “I have been informed of your heroic deeds – impressive for a band consisting mostly of the smaller races!” He glanced at Grimlock and looked him up and down with a wry smile, “…mostly.”


Carvahall is ruled by a Sol-Ket, an accomplished veteran elected by the people who answers only to the King of Alba. Sol-Ket Taern, previously a law enforcer, holds the position at present and is halfway through his seven year term.

Sol-Ket Taern

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