Jim Gordon

A good cop. One of the few.


James Gordon was born in the county of Speyvale in 335 U.I., son of freehold farmer Henry Edward Gordon and his wife Jane. He worked on the family farm through adolescence, but joined the loyalist army of Lord Speyvale during the county civil war that began in 351 U.I.

Gordon served for three years, seeing significant action in the small scale skirmishes that dominated the conflict. He was well respected by the men that he served with, and a good fighter, but regarded as too hot headed and unpredictable to make an effective leader. When the war ended, Lord Speyvale retained him as a member of the New County Guard, which was to administer the law directly. It was intended that the guard simply lock down the county by brute force, but several experienced members pushed for a more investigative approach. Gordon was extremely opposed to this, seeking to continue the war against the civilian population, but was gradually eased round to the new paradigm. In time he developed a significantly greater level of maturity and a solid investigative mind.

James remained in Speyvale until 361 U.I., when he accepted an invitation to Gerelden city guard from Dyan Lang, a wartime comrade. He quickly discovered that, while he had changed, Lang was still the same violent man he always had been. They quickly fell out, and Gordon was pushed out of his well paid desk job back into the streets, where he struggled to make any sort of headway. The investigative structures of his old job no longer existed, and there were no supportive superior officers to approve his methods.

By 363 U.I., Gordon had reached the end of his tether with trying to police purely with the resources of the watch, as was willing to start utilising other, more unorthodox help.

By 372 U.I., he had been promoted to Lieutenant and fully embraced the usage of others, including mercenary groups, to make the city a better place.

Jim Gordon

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