Gravilla Bloodrock

Reckless goliath knight


An imposing goliath woman who wears plate armour and wields a huge war hammer, Lady Gravilla Bloodrock is not one to mess with. She is impulsive and very brave, and will usually act without considering the repercussions of her actions. Gravilla has spent the last few years training to be a Knight of Arcelor, and recently passed the final test despite concerns that she was too behaviourally unstable to qualify.


Gravilla was raised in the village of Raylack by her father, Big Sol, and visits often to see him and her childhood friends. Though of a genuine, good nature, she is as stubborn as a mule and reliably does whatever she wants.

When she wanted to learn how to fight like her father, she got him to teach her. When she wanted intimidating plate armour, she joined the Knights of Arcelor. When she was told to learn to use a proper knight’s weapon, she doubled her efforts with her war hammer. When she wanted to visit Raylack, she did so without permission from her superiors.

This consistent history of reckless behaviour has led the authorities in Narvik to consider forcing the indomitable woman to serve a more predictable knight of the same rank. This would be a humiliation, but perhaps humiliation would teach her some respect. In fact, why not assign her to someone that a goliath would find humiliating to serve? Perhaps a dwarf.

Gravilla Bloodrock

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