Gowann Kweer

An armourer who turns boys into men


A tall, thickset man in his mid-forties with a plaited dwarven beard. Kweer usually wears an embroidered shirt, two wrist bracers and thick trousers adorned with tongs. He is seldom without a gaggle of needy assistants that were supposedly employed to reduce his burdens but in practice seem to constantly require his help.


After perfecting his father’s techniques of making armour from boiled leather, Gowann took a ship to the dwarven country of Eighprann at the behest of his family to learn foreign methods. Kweer planned to stay there for four years, but in the end did not return to Alba for nine. He learnt of oils and juices that add potency, tools that enhance a smith’s strength and dexterity, creatures that provide far better leather than sheep. Though he returned to find his parents deceased and his brother long left for a new life in the country, Gowann nevertheless set up a business in Gerelden as his father had wished. Though it struggled to turn a profit in its first and second year, customers soon recognised the quality of their purchases. Today every merchant in Pranx dreams of being Kweer.

Gowann Kweer

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