Euven Dielenath

Ruthlessly loyal servant of the Emperor


Though still quite thin by human standards, Euven is both taller and heavier set than an average elf. Among most of his kin this marks him out but in his regiment he’s just one more identical guardsman. His hair is chestnut brown and down to his shoulders, framing a typically narrow face.

When the Capital Punishers first met the elf in Gerelden, he was wearing the chobham half-plate armour common to all Imperial soldiers, with the inscriptions of the Guards regiments upon it. He wore a tunic underneath the breastplate and a deep blue cloak on top. By the time he was encountered by the Greil Mercenaries, he had instead obtained much less conspicuous attire, with scale armour instead of plate and various green travelling garments.

He carries a longbow and an elven curved sword which seems particularly well made. A ring on his finger is marked with the elvish rune for Upsilon. It is an artifact of great evil.


In his time with the Capital Punishers and the Greil Mercenaries, Euven Dielenath has shown that he is utterly ruthless and possibly psychotic. He has been involved in several murders that they know of, betrayed them to the Jarl, and has a habit of appearing at the most inconvenient times and places.

Euven has mentioned in passing that he visited northern Isalfyrne when he was younger, though he has not elaborated on the reasons or events of that time. He first encountered the Capital Punishers when he arrived with a regiment of Imperial Foot Guards to support the Knights of Arcelor. Euven stayed behind on completion of the elven mission in Alba. A member of the Emperor’s Inquisition, he had been roving between settlements with significant elven populations, carrying out judicial killings and other secretive missions.

Euven Dielenath

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