Captain Devlan Ranat

The charismatic leader of The Iron Circle mercenary group


Standing at 4’2", Devlan is slightly above average height for a Halfling and differs from most other members of his race in several other stereotypical areas as well, for example, though still maintaining a degree of the renowned Halfling nimbleness and dexterity, he is extremely muscular and well built, enabling him to wield his short sword and shield with devastating force, while also wearing a suit of heavy chain mail.

Though now into his 30’s and having seen many battles, Devlan still retains a youthful complexion and positive attitude, resulting in much attention from women folk of all races, though some find it hard to hide their disgust at the scars and war wounds hidden under his garments. Devlan’s dark hair is kept short and neat so as not to affect his abilities in battle.


Devlan had a happy childhood, growing up in a small town in the county of Kedeva with his parents and two sisters. Though the Ranat family were hardly wealthy, the steady income Devlan’s father earned from his job as a lumberjack coupled with the money his mother made from her small clothing business kept them well above the poverty line. Devlan received a good education but was often found to be performing at just below the class average, academic disciplines being of little interest to the boy, with the exception of the study of military history, a subject at which he excelled.

Before leaving school Devlan had already made the decision to serve his country in the military, wanting to join the Albian raids into the volcanic plains and to hopefully spill some Dwarven blood (he always considered them to give midgets a bad name). He began working on his physique and could often been seen out running at both sunrise and set. At home his family saw him less and less as he resigned himself to weight training within his room. Though his parents disagreed with his decision, they chose to let him make his own way and only voiced their concerns once.

During the Third Battle of Branock’s Gorge, Devlan was restrained by a large tentacle, its source being the very Thinny itself, before being pulled into the grotesque and mysterious vortex.

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Captain Devlan Ranat

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