Cain Dunwithy

Ambitious local landowner


Cain visits the Slaughtered Lamb Inn nearly every night and is close friends with Draevek Norn, occasionally serving as an emergency bouncer when trouble brews in the bar.


The descendant of Albert and Jonathan Dunwithy, Cain enjoys the minor celebrity status his family receives in Raylack. Leaving the ancestral farm at fifteen after a row with his father, he became a professional soldier and fought in the King’s Own Borderers in many battlefields. He campaigned with the regiment during the King’s attack on the dwarven cities of Na Beantann Alam. During the Battle of Kerveuren he was wounded in the leg and spent some time at a military hospital. Unable to rejoin his own unit he fought with the Militia of Barnton in the Battle of Shattered Glass, in which the most of the men of Barnton were routed. Cain stood his ground with only a handful of soldiers and managed to keep the dwarves from his position until relieved. Providence rewarded him, for as he inspected his kills he found one of them had fallen upon a rare artifact (a metal nail).

After selling it he returned home as a rich man to gloat at his father, but found his parents dead and the farm struggling under the stewardship of his ineffective brother. Within a week of returning home he had taken control and sunk most of his treasure into restoring the business and buying up neighboring farms. He is now the largest landowner in the local area, but has become bored with life as a simple farmer. Leaving day to day control to his four sons, he wishes to emulate his illustrious ancestor and become head of the Raylack Farmers Union. To wrest control, he has begun to cast doubt upon the leadership of current Unionmaster Berek Moor. This whispering campaign is partially responsible for the current state of the Farmers Guild and has earned Cain the emnity of Moor and the suspicious eye of Moor’s friend Elmtrude Brandis.

Cain Dunwithy

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