Bombur Deer

One time companion of the Risen Adventurers


A quiet and eccentric dwarf who has lived in Raylack for just two or three Seasons, Bombur stands out from his fellow villagers. Though his clothes and visible possessions are clearly foreign, it is his odd religion that really alienates him from his neighbours. Bombur claims a deep and almost spiritual connection with the earth, and has skills with plants that most would have to see to believe.


Bombur’s garden is incredibly overgrown and yet carries a neat, angular order that is distinctly dwarven. Colourful bushes and flowers adorn the borders and are clearly not native. Though the vibrant display of life within the garden is truly beautiful, it has a wildness to it which makes people feel uneasy.

Some have witnessed strange, moving vines that appeared to sense their approach. Slithering tendrils that were frightening, even unnatural. Few knew that plants could be so aware. In the last days of Autumn, some even pruned such vines from their own gardens. This has made the mysterious dwarf ever less popular, though no-one has yet had the guts to tell him why they are so troubled.

Ten days before the arrival of the Risen Adventurers, Bombur began to be concerned by the growing unfriendliness of the villagers. He considered telling them of his warden-trained earth magic, but why tell them that when he was still uncertain that it was the cause of the problem? His closest neighbour had never complained about the wilderness he held so dear. Then again, if a priest cannot tolerate his fellow man, who can?

Bombur Deer

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