Alfonso Portolee

Useless captain of the guard


Captain Alfonso Portolee prefers clothes that show off his rank and therefore usually dresses in extravagant military uniforms. These are white or purple in colour and are magically enhanced to be remarkably protective. He is reliably armed with an enchanted glasscrete longsword and has been known to hide a glasscrete dagger within a boot or jacket, making him one of the most expensively armed men in the city.

Since this is the case, it may surprise you to hear that he has no fighting ability whatsoever. Alfonso considers himself to be above engaging in brawls with ‘common riffraff’, and has only once stepped outside Gerelden’s richest district (an embarrassing affair that resulted in the theft of his last longsword). When he is not giving orders from his office he can often be found outside, patrolling areas where other nobles are certain to notice him. He is accompanied at all times by his protection force – twenty armoured men.


As captain of Gerelden’s city guard, you would think that Alfonso Portolee would be a respected figure in the city. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that he obtained his job not because of skill or hard work but because he is a member of an influential noble family. He is despised by his men, who find it far harder to protect their city with him in charge. Portolee does not treat any inferior with respect and gladly inflicts exceptional punishments for small offences.

When Alfonso became guard captain he immediately spent two thirds of the annual budget on the barracks, upgrading it to a more satisfactory level of splendour. He then took twenty seasoned guards from their posts in the city and assigned them to be his permanent protection force. They now spend their time standing outside his office, accompanying him on the safest patrols in the city and running petty errands. The only good thing that could be said about Captain Portolee is that he is far too rich to be interested in bribes.

Alfonso Portolee

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