The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 19: Visiting the Nords

Before stepping from the ship onto the island of Wellis, the four Punishers each insist on shaking the captain’s hand one last time. In addition to cheerfully allowing Grimlock and Komodo to roam the deck AND being very generous with his wine collection throughout the two days at sea, Captain Jerry has also been excellent company. Grinning devilishly, Jerry reveals his inclination to reacquaint himself with ‘old squeeze’ Saggy Sally while he is on the island. Promising to seek him out for their return journey, the Capital Punishers reluctantly part with their new friend.

The group met the friendly captain shortly after arriving in the town of Helgen. Wistark arrived first by carriage with the two knights and immediately made for the docks. Speaking to a salty old sea dog that he believed to be the harbourmaster, the wizard asked if there were any ships that could handle live cargo. The uniformed man replied in the affirmative, accepted payment for four passengers plus a rage drake and its “handler”, then took the trio to a grotty cargo ship that he proudly revealed to be his own. Discarding his ruse of being the harbourmaster, Captain Jerry pleasantly showed them around. More amused at this trickery than anything else, Wistark excused himself and returned to Helgen’s town centre just in time to meet Grimlock and Euven, arriving at a full-paced charge on Komodo and in the midst of causing a scene.

The only person not to enjoy the relaxing sea voyage that followed was Euven, who remains silent until the portly captain is out of sight and then stonily requests funds from Norman and Gravilla to inform his elven superiors of his location. His last update, sent from Helgen two days before, falsely claimed that the party were headed to ‘Wormwood Rock’. Though Wistark attempted to let the elf down as gently as possible when revealing the party’s true destination, Euven did not take the news that he had been deceived very well and has been withdrawn ever since. His mood is blackened further when the two Knights refuse to provide him with any money. Gravilla gives their reasons, telling him the truth about Sir Richard Fenn’s betrayal and adding that her faith in the Knights of Arcelor has been shaken.

The cherry on the cake: she then orders him not to make any report. Barely keeping his fury in check Euven storms off, almost certainly to directly disobey this command. This is not the desired outcome but the Capital Punishers are quietly glad to be rid of him for a while – being tied to powerful foreigners (whom the group do not wish to get involved with) makes the serious elf rather awkward company. Who could have guessed that Grimlock would find him in Gerelden and then bring him along?

The companions walk from the harbour into the town of Dawnstar. Wistark buys food supplies while Norman and Gravilla purchase throwing weapons at an arms shop. The three of them reunite in a pub to have lunch. Grimlock spends the time at an armourers, closely supervising repairs to his filthy, battered scale armour. Eventually the quartet reconvene and decide to head to Roanoke without their untrustworthy new companion. Wistark is determined to make use of the lead he has on the Elven Empire – if Roanoke can be investigated and escaped before imperial soldiers arrive, things should be far easier.

Escapade: By any means necessary



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