The Whisperer in Darkness

Personnel Status Report

Height 7 ft 6 in
Weight 300 lb
Age Mid-40s
Race Goliath
Nationality Alban
Hometown Carvahall, Gol mountain range
Physical Description Muscular, hairless and covered in striped black tattoos, including one above the forehead reminiscent of a bat. Small green eyes, a wide nose and heavy eyebrows. A plethora of fading scars: on the upper body mostly from sharp weapons, on the lower body mostly from animal attacks and falls. Update: noticeable flattening of the skull on right side.
Personality Quiet, passive, cooperative, competitive, unimaginative, impulsive, slightly bloodthirsty
Next of Kin Wife (name unknown)
Skills Melee combat, two handed weapons (axes in particular), sprinting, climbing, physical strength, recovers quickly from injuries, speaks giant
Fighting Style Berserk brute force, close quarters, suitable for fighting one or several targets at a time.
Pay Grade Standard (currently 1/5 of total Greil Mercenaries’ earnings)

Status Updates

12.01.373: Sprained ankle, received during boisterous mountain climbing. Full recovery by 14.01
14.01.373: Knocked unconscious after two blows to the head, delivered by two local bullies (now Carvahall soldiers) who attacked for the fun of it. Full recovery within two hours
15.01.373: Stopped breathing for several seconds after a near-fatal blow to the head, delivered by a 20ft rock monster summoned by Sunspeaker Nala. Fell into a coma and was taken to a Carvahall hospital for treatment
16.01.373: Awakened from coma with permanent mild brain damage. The doctor expects his intelligence to have dropped considerably, while also suspecting that his pain tolerance and fortitude might have increased dramatically.

Final Note. Tarkus gave us a fantastic grin when we entered his room in the clinic. It is good to have him in one piece. He insisted on rejoining us immediately, against my best wishes. I could have ordered him to rest but he had such infectious enthusiasm… it is hard to turn down a goliath.



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