The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 15: One Last Task

With a little help from Grimlock the Gerelden Dispatch newspaper gets a new front page story.

Morning comes. After a quiet breakfast, so does the time to leave. Wistark attempts to say thanks and farewell to the Boss but gets refused access to the Brotherhood leader’s room by a man he does not recognise. What are they up to? Perhaps it is best not to become involved in yet another complicated matter. The Capital Punishers gather their things (and rage drake), leaving behind only the spare gear that belonged to Ignatious Moor. Regretfully Wasp is not present to say goodbye to, so the group escort themselves out and head west through the sewers along the route that she showed them five days previously.

After thirty or forty minutes of unpleasant travel the group reach a section of sewer that isn’t dark, cramped and underground – a large, bright opening used in an emergency to discharge stormwater into the river. It is large enough for Grimlock and Komodo to use as an exit, and this is apparently something that the reptilian cyclops has been waiting for. He reins Komodo to a halt and addresses the group, “We need to search for Skulldweller”. Expecting his comrades to immediately comply, he then spurs his mount towards the exit. Voices echo after him and Grimlock detects that they don’t carry obedient tones. Surprised, he allows his comrades to explain themselves.

Wistark is, as usual, the group spokesman: “Grimlock, that would be stupid. Firstly, we’re still wanted fugitives. Secondly, it’s just a parrot. Thirdly, it could be anywhere. You don’t have a chance of finding-” Grimlock loses interest and spurs Komodo onwards, directing the drake to climb out of the stormchannel onto a city street. There are lots of humans around. Grimlock puts his hands to his mouth and loudly shouts Skulldweller’s name. The colourful red bird does not appear. Instead, the milling humans look fearful and begin backing away. Skulldweller must be in a different part of the city.

Grimlock kicks Komodo into a charge and the huge mount leaps forward, knocking humans aside as it barrels gladly along the road. The citydwellers scream in fear and attempt to get out of the way, creating enough noise that Grimlock is forced to shout Skulldweller’s name even louder than before. At such volumes the dragonborn’s voice becomes more like an angry roar than the distinguishable words intended, resulting in further public terror. The fleeing crowds trample each other in their frenzied desperation to escape, though this is nothing compared to the trampling they receive beneath Komodo as he outpaces them.

Grimlock takes a moment to think while knocking aside the body of an old man smashed irritatingly in his direction by an impact from Komodo. The wizard may have had a point. The city is very large. An idea forms in the dragonborn’s mind: perhaps when Skulldweller couldn’t find him it returned to its original owner at the marketplace pet stall! Guiding his increasingly blood-splattered steed in what he believes is the right direction, Grimlock barely notices the bodies flying in all direction as he continues his search, looking at the sky and roaring his parrot’s name.



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