The Whisperer in Darkness

Mission Three

I'm the Dog

Date of Contract 19.01.373
Place of Contract The Stronghold of Carvahall
Current Time Two hours after dawn
On hand Cdr Greil, DC Skullfucker, Tarkus the Swift
Client Sol-Ket Taern
Client occupation Ruler of Carvahall
Mission Parameters * Objective: Retrieve the murderer, dead or alive
* Temporary contract(s) for: Euven Dielenath
Up front 50ip each
On completion 150ip each if dead, 250ip each if alive

Mission Profile

The client summoned us to his hall the morning after the bar fight. Though disappointed that we did not manage to apprehend the fiend responsible, he understood why we could not. He then offered us a contract – to hunt down the escaped murderer and bring him back dead or alive. (note: why were we chosen for this task? Some sort of test or chance to redeem ourselves?). The pay was generous and I think we all relished the thought of bringing the killer to justice. I agreed to the offered terms without dispute.

Mission Details

Tracking the stranger proved simple enough. Starting from the Piss Hole, we only had to speak to four or five locals before we found one who had witnessed the previous night and could point us in the right direction. Tarkus helped get us through the side streets, then from the pastures onwards there was a trail of blood I could track.

We were proceeding quite nicely when Grimlock grabbed an elderly goliath labourer, lifted him into the air and started shouting demands into his face. Aside from making a scene and scaring the living daylights out of the poor chap unnecessarily, it turned out he had observed the murderer heading towards the marshes, which actually saved us some time.

Further down the road, we met an old, formidable-looking dwarf by the name of Curmudgeon. He looked a bit battered, which was unsurprising considering the occupation suggested by the large warhammer strapped to his back. We exchanged brief greetings and I asked if he had seen any bearded goliaths lately. He had. In fact he had fought one this very morning. Hoping to narrow the distance between ourselves and the murderer, I convinced him to guide us back to the site of the fight.

Between us and it was a swamp, not unlike Raylack Swamps but containing two giants instead of wisps and mist. One giant was badly injured and the other turned hostile despite my attempts (translated by Tarkus) to assure it we meant no harm.



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