The Whisperer in Darkness

Mission One

Down the Pan

Date of Contract 16.01.373
Place of Contract The Stronghold of Carvahall
Current Time Mid-morning
On hand Cdr Greil, DC Skullfucker, Tarkus the Swift
Client Pan y’Aukon f’Boktor
Client occupation Game hunter, formerly military
Mission Parameters * Objective: Retrieve mystery belonging
* Temporary contract(s) for: Lady Bloodrock; Euven Dielenath
Up front 325ip (65 pess each)
On completion 325ip (65 pess each)

Mission Profile

While at ease in a tavern close to our night lodgings, Euven received an offer of work from an inebriated patron. We met with him in the tavern the next morning (note: client gulped regularly from a flagon of guhlayl – possible drinking problem?) and were surprised to find Lady Gravilla Bloodrock with him (note: client thought she was a member of our group – possible he offered work to several parties last night).

The client, Pan, was a frequent customer of Sunspeaker Nala’s prostitution trade. After some time they became close and his visits turned personal. However, now Pan has heard rumour of her demise and wishes to retrieve a belonging that he left at her woodland home. He would not elaborate on what this is, stating only that people would talk if he obtained it himself and that we “will know it when we see it”.

He offered 500ip for successful completion, but raised to 650 on coercion from Grimlock.

Mission Details

Nala’s home is located in a small wood within sight of the borders of Carvahall. Upon entering we saw hawks overhead, a group of deer (Grimlock was pleased), and even heard the baying of mountain wolves – a rare breed significantly larger than their lowland cousins.

Approximately halfway to our destination (just over 20 minutes in) Ellana sensed that we were not alone. The canopy above us suddenly exploded in size: trees and branches growing longer and thicker as the gaps revealing rays of sunshine rapidly closed, all to the tune of the snaking, crawling hiss of foliage creeping over itself.

It became suddenly dark, but Euven’s eyes remain reliable – he noticed a figure emerging from the trees, appearing as a young female half-elf, the dryad Tell. Her head lolled forward in an odd, drugged fashion, before rising again, eyes scanning us with feverish vigour. She hissed the words, “You die.” then her flesh erupted, shooting out bark and thin branches like bracken, transforming her into a lumbering tree-like form, her true appearance.

Assisted by blade spiders, Tell attacked. She was closed to reason, forcing us to slay her in self-defence. Though upset by this turn of events, I saw a possible opportunity in the making, for blade spiders can be tamed and used as mounts. I leapt onto the back of the greatest and began breaking it to my will. Meeting with some success, I ordered the Mercenaries to cease their aggressions and back away. Alas, Elanna ignored me and struck it a fatal blow. With its death the canopy reeled back to its former state, relighting the area with bolts of sunshine.

Furious for the loss of what would have been a claim to fame for the Greil Mercenaries, I ordered her to leave our company upon returning to Carvahall. Instead she departed then and there. I hope she is safe. We continued to the sunspeaker’s home and found it to be a solidly built wooden hut nestled between the thick trunks of two large trees. The door was bashed open by Grimlock to reveal a small but cosy-looking living area, with several chairs, a bookcase and a stone fireplace, with red embers glowing dimly within. A door at the opposite end of the room seemed to be the only way of progressing further.

Someone was still living here. Tarkus made to kick the door down but it swung open violently mid-kick, knocking his questing leg aside. A young, aggressive, male goliath stormed over the threshold, brandishing a sword, and shouted, “What the fuck are you doing here!?” A cry rang out from the back room and he readied his sword, “Don’t you dare come any closer.” I promised we meant him no harm. A second figure appeared behind him, a female his own age, clutching a bundle of cloth to her chest. She spoke to him reassuringly, then looked at us imploringly, seeking permission to speak.

Her name was Het, and his Garon. They were walking through the woods several days ago when they heard a noise, in their own words “a heartbreaking wail”. They traced it here and found a baby. They assume it is Nala’s, and having heard the rumours that she is dead, took the child’s care upon themselves. They visit this residence every day, keeping the baby here out of fear that their parents (and the rest of Carvahall) would disown them if they knew the truth.

When Pan started seeking people to retrieve the infant, he unknowingly made the request of Garon, who began making plans with Het for them to escape Carvahall with it. The pair are of the opinion that Pan is too much of a drunkard to be responsible for a baby. It is clear that they have grown very attached to it. A smile spread across Het’s face as she cooed to it in her arms, while Garon lowered his sword and looked at us with a pleading expression.

Mission Outcome

Garon and Het offered us 100 pess to allow them escape and hide the truth from Pan. Instead I convinced them to let me take their cause to the Sol-Ket, Carvahall’s ruler. Leaving Gravilla with Het and the baby, we took Garon back to Carvahall and ascended to the mayoral palace near the peak of Mt Osilo. Having been told of the way we resolved the situation with Sunspeaker Nala, Sol-Ket Taern had already summoned us, so we were granted an immediate audience.

I spoke with the goliath leader at length, explaining the situation and discussing possible outcomes. At my request, he summoned Pan to join us. Our client was intoxicated and very angry, demanding both the baby and his money back. After showing Sol-Ket our contract, he ruled in our favour and even ordered Pan to pay us the remaining half of our due. Enraged, Pan drew his weapon and made to attack the aged goliath, but I dropped him with a sleeping spell before he could do any harm.

Due to the likelihood of prejudice against the child of Sunspeaker Nala, Sol-Ket eventually ruled that Garon and Het should proceed with their escape plan with his own financial contribution, also offering them the option to return to Carvahall when the child is old enough for them to pretend it is their own. The Greil Mercenaries received full payment from Pan and the use of his house while he is imprisoned. We also received armour and weapons as a personal gift from Sol-Ket Taern.

Alternative outcomes I ignored:

  • Grimlock’s suggestion to kill the couple, take their money and deliver the baby to Pan for more money.
  • Euven’s suggestion to take a random object from Nala’s house back to Pan, pretend we thought it was what he desired and demand the rest of our payment.

Thank goodness I’m in charge.

Final Note 1. Sol-Ket was curious to know why we sought the dragon. I told him that we were hunting its rider, a dangerous mass-murderer, and he seemed regretful that he had no information to share. Even without his staggering generosity, I am pleased that the Greil Mercenaries can consider him a friend.

Final Note 2. Gravilla brings sad news – Sir Norman Bulip is dead. After following his trail into the Gol mountains, she found his body deep inside a forest, stripped of the metal equipment he carried. After burying her friend, the Lady wandered aimlessly for several days until she regained her senses not far from Carvahall. I believe she will join us. I also believe she would make a good deputy commander…



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