The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 2: Lucky Lizards

Grimlock's terrible perceptive abilities take the group into the abandoned trade district.

The Punishers are faced with a unique problem. Grimlock has acquired a gigantic drake steed and is not willing to part with it. No inn has the space for a massive lizard, no stable would put a carnivorous reptile in with the horses, and the city outskirts are miles away. The group decide to help Grimmers look for an abandoned warehouse to spend the night in, with full intentions of then abandoning him there to find a good inn.

Skullfucker leads his companions into the abandoned part of the city’s trade district. His missing eye does not help his abysmal sense of direction, and the group are soon utterly lost. The Punishers wander derelict streets in growing frustration as every potential building turns out to be either inaccessible or unsuitable. Eventually the exhausted troop are almost ready to leave Grimlock to sort himself out. It is then that they accidentally stumble upon a hideout that is second to none (excluding the Batcave).

Grimlock is the first to notice the large stone wall, too high for him to peek over even while mounted. It stands away from the other buildings in the area and, he notices as he passes its outer gate, encircles a large, fortified, brick house. The outer gate is open, so the reptile rider leads his fellow Punishers into its grounds. There are three buildings within: the house which, on closer inpection, features several floors, a balcony and a watchtower; a large, empty stable, and; a roofed, three-wall workshop. Though the arrangement is tight, there are also large sections of grass that were clearly once used for training exercises. The grass is now very overgrown, hiding a fresh water well almost completely.

It is an abandoned mercenary base. The group explore the compound and find it to be completely deserted and stripped bare of the furniture, removeable fixtures, supplies and decorations it presumably once housed. As a secure sleeping place it is faultless, and the Capital Punishers decide to make it their headquarters for as long as they can get away with it. The stables and grounds provide a perfect home for Grimlock’s drake – hidden from prying eyes by both the height of the defensive wall and the rarity of passers by.

While exploring the small fort, Wistark and Norman find a stockpile of firewood. As night begins to fall, Ignatious closes the outer gate and locks the inner door. Norman suddenly remembers that Gravilla is probably still watching for droogs near the asylum. He decides not to do anything about it. The Punishers spend the evening near a lit fireplace, dining on their rations and then sleeping in their bed rolls. Grimlock goes outside and falls asleep inside the stable with his drake.



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