The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 10: Keys to Outer Heaven

The terrible trio return to Gerelden in secret.

The team camp in the forest until daylight. Wasp informs the jail-breakers that the journey back to the city will take all day, with nightfall the probable time of arrival. The walk indeed proves to be a long slog, mostly conducted in silence, but the city walls do eventually come into view. Wasp leads the group to a small ditch which contains a sewer culvert.

She explains that this is part of Gerelden’s disused sewer system and has so far proven to be a reliably secret way to move in and out of the city. The journey through the sewer is an easy one, since the tunnel they use is travelled so frequently that the vermin are kept at bay. Of course, it still holds a general stench and unsanitary feel which Wasp informs Wistark he will have to get used to. “Still wanting to go home?” she asks cockily.

As she turns down yet another sewer tunnel, Wasp begins to knock on the wall to her right as she walks. She continues this until she is rewarded with a knock that sounds different to the rest – a distinct, hollow knock. She motions the group to stop as she faces the wall and removes a length of string from around her neck, on which hangs a small golden ring. She places the ring in a tiny circular impression in the stone wall, practically invisible to the naked eye, while saying, “Some of the men can fit the rings around their fingers, but my hands a bit too small”. The stone wall swings open slowly and quietly, revealing a dimly lit room behind.

Several people look up as the four tired wanderers enter, some raising their hands with a smile to acknowledge Wasp’s return. The room is little more than an entrance way, with three doors leading to other areas, explained by Wasp to be sleeping quarters, an equipment store (which deals mostly in repairs) and an eating/relaxation area. A double set of stairs at the back of the room leads to a raised area, at the back of which sits a larger and sturdier looking door. “That’s where you’ll find The Boss”, Wasp explains, “but… he doesn’t tend to meet folk out of the blue. Rest up here and I will go see him. Oh, and by the way, that goliath you pal around with is in the other room.”

Wasp departs, leaving the party to their own devices for a while. Her last piece of information is surprisingly correct. Gravilla is in the dining area, drinking heavily as usual. She is extremely pleased to see the trio alive, and in her booze-addled state insists on greeting each member in turn with an extremely painful bear hug. Norman is lifted entirely off the ground and then dropped unceremoniously after he rewards her affection with a combination of punching and profanity. Gravilla explains that she went to the secret HQ as instructed (by Norman) to recover from her alligator injuries. Once there, she fell unconscious. Apparently she was then abducted and brought here. Shrugging with inebriated indifference, she downs another third from her giant-sized ale tanker. Now the party roster is only one short.



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