The Whisperer in Darkness

Notice of Resignation

Role Greil Mercenary
Pay Grade Standard (Currently 1/5th total Greil Mercenaries’ earnings)
Intention to leave stated 16.01.373
Notice given None
Fee for insufficient notice Not applied
Pay due None
Permission granted After the fact
Date of departure 16.01.373

Circumstances of Resignation

Though Gregg served with us for over a week and acclimatised well to fighting with the group, he did not “acclimatise” to the deputy commander. Having witnessed savagery, blood-lust, remorseless cruelty, regular decapitation, mutilation of the dead and cannibalism at his hands, this is entirely understandable.

Being expected to follow Deputy Skullfucker’s orders no doubt played a part in Gregg’s decision to leave, but it seems evident that the final straw came last night, when Euven and I had to draw weapons and defend ourselves to keep Grimlock from semi-intentionally attempting to rape Ellana. I awoke this morning to find him gone, a letter declaring his resignation by my pillow and the orb from Rhea’s hut by my pack.

Actions Taken

  • Regarding Gregg
    Given the circumstances, I hereby release Gregg from his obligations with no ill feeling. I will not hold him to the usual regulations and penalties dictated by the contract, but instead permit him to immediately leave my employ without fee or restriction.
  • Regarding Grimlock
    I simply cannot convince Grimlock that being a hideous, scarred, one-eyed reptile does not make him sexually attractive to human women. In fact, he insists that being a hideous, scarred, one-eyed reptile is exactly why he is sexually attractive, to all women. I think he expected last night’s incident to only start as rape. I am considering the effectiveness of disciplinary measures, but really what I need is a new second-in-command.

Final Note. Tarkus’ recovery is now of even greater importance. I had hoped to follow Euven’s lead today, but if only three of us remain it may be too dangerous to risk. DAMN.



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