The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 10: Chemical Affection

Wasp returns about an hour later and informs the newly reunited foursome that “The Boss” is unwilling to meet with anyone who hasn’t proven themselves worthy. Though she fought their case and he cannot deny that the group are skilled warriors, he wants a little more proof of their usefulness. She tells them that he has some unfinished business which the Capital Punishers have actually become slightly involved in.

For a while now the poverty stricken regions of the city have been exposed to a new and potent chemical known as Bolivian Red. This highly addictive liquid is taken intravenously and has been linked with a multitude of health problems (such as death). Normally, the Brotherhood (as Wasp refers to them) wouldn’t have a problem with the trade of a hazardous product, as supply and demand is all part of a healthy city, but they now have reason to believe (thanks to the Punisher’s discovery of the bottles at the university and some further snooping by Wasp) that Donnull Portolee may be involved in its distribution. The Boss has a personal vendetta against the Portolee family, notorious as they are for lining their greedy pockets with money made from the suffering of others.

Fortunately, trade of Bolivian Red has recently taken a huge nosedive thanks to the destruction of its biggest shipment yet in a certain explosion which took place a few days ago. As it so happens, the Brotherhood had discovered that Arkham Asylum and the Droogs were key to the import of the drug only days before. The Droogs were utilising an old tunnel (once used for the transport of patients from dock to cell without the hassle of carting them through the city) to move vast quantities of Bolivian Red from ships into the city walls.

However, most likely due to the unforeseen circumstances, communication between the buyers and the suppliers has been poor, and scouts for the Brotherhood have reported that another shipload of Bolivian Red has arrived and is currently moored in a secluded cove, unable to offload its contents. Wasp looks at the group and pauses for a second, “We want you to sink that ship”.

“We can guide you through the sewers and out towards the docks. Without the Dragonborn you will be far less conspicuous, at least”, she explains, “One of our number will leave two row boats big enough for the four of you at this location”. She produces a map and points to an x marked on it before handing it to the adventurers. “The second x on the eastern side of the map represents where the trade ship can be found. As I said, the cove is a secluded one, so your approach will unlikely be observed by anybody on the bay. However, it does mean that any sentries on the ship itself won’t have trouble noticing your arrival."

“May I suggest that any of you skilled in archery (or ranged abilities in general) act swiftly to quiet anyone that may spot you. Fortunately, our scout has reported that there is a limited number of crew on board at any one time – they take shifts and make the best use of their down time in taverns and brothels. We don’t care how you sink the ship, if you have to blow it up then blow it up as long as you think you can clear the area in good time. We also care little as to how you deal with the crew. A dead pirate is a quiet pirate in my opinion. Now, any questions?”

The group have several, mostly concerning the area surrounding the cove and the amount of people usually found on board the ship. Using this information, Ignatious makes a plan for the next day (an immediate assault under cover of darkness is ruled out as their guide will not be available until morning). The ex-captain’s strategy is to row towards the ship, ditch the boats somewhere along the southern cliffs lining the bay, then find a hidden vantage point from the land where they can then evaluate the situation throughout the afternoon, finally launching an attack after nightfall. Once all are satisfied with the scheme, the Punishers take a much needed rest.



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