The Mist

“Though very little is known of the Old Ones, there is one certainty. They inexplicably vanished from the surface of the earth thousands of years ago. Remarkably, texts have been found which are believed to shed some light on the events leading up to their demise. These documents tell of great holes appearing from the earth, from which thick mists emerged, spreading outwards and covering whole expanses of land. It is not clear how these holes came to be, though some texts seem to suggest that wars fought between the Old Ones may have been responsible, as “the monstrous metallic behemoths silently broke through the cloud cover and scarred the earth with their trefoil marked payloads” though this of course may be some sort of ancient political, anti-war spin put on the situation.

Regardless of the cause, this mist seemingly soon swallowed up most of the globe in its mysterious tendrils and remained for quite sometime, the gap between the dating of the earliest and latest texts discovered spans just over fifty years. Frustratingly, there is no actual explanation of what happened inside the mist, the snippets of text being short and unforthcoming of any truly useful information. There is however one, known as the Dunwich Document, which tells of a man, a companion of the author, venturing out into the mist only to meet with disaster: “the mass of tentacles whipped from the dull grey beyond, seemingly without a source and enveloped Ward before deftly whipping him back and out of my sight. I heard his screams for the next few hours but I dared not venture outside”.

No documents tell of the mist ever lifting, though certainly it did as there is no trace of it today. This suggests that perhaps, the Old Ones never lived to see it dissipate. This theory of course has its critics, but it is the only one that seems to have much evidence for it, other than perhaps the Old Ones just wiping themselves out through war. Either way, the idea of some eldritch mist rising from the very earth itself to swallow an entire civilisation is certainly an unnerving one."

Excerpt taken from Empire’s Echo: A History of the World by Professor Oliver Finnagin

The Mist

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