General Description
A small, rural village, spread thin over miles of farm land. Towards its centre is a high street of sorts, where several businesses, such as the general store, blacksmith and tavern, called The Slaughtered Lamb, can be found. Being the main road into the village, there is also an area where travelling merchants and traders can set up and do business with travellers and locals. There is a public noticeboard located outside the inn.

The village grew out of a single farmstead over 400 years ago, supported by a consistent flow of travellers and merchants passing through.

A reeve, Sheriff Elmtrude Brandis, is in residence, tasked with keeping order and collecting taxes for the counties lord.

The reeve has a pair of bodyguards for his own personal defence, but when it comes to the village as a whole, a small militia of averagely trained villagers can be rallied.

Basic supplies are available at the general store, and various simple armours and weapons can be found at the blacksmiths. Occasionally, rarer items can be purchased from travelling merchants. Most villagers make their income from farming.

The village hosts several regional fayres during the year to coincide with important festivals. These attract a great deal of business from far afield, and travelling caravans often schedule stops to coincide with them.

Many villagers are religious and belong to Raylack Church. There is also a farming organization, designed to ensure fair practise amongst the farming community.


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