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The Setting

Here you can find information on the setting of this campaign – the great island of ISALFYRNE (iss-AL-fie-urn) on which the countries of Alba, Eighprann and Na Beantann Alam can be found. Relationships between these three nations are consistent if not entirely amicable. Alba is the dominant power in the south, Eighprann is the dominant power in the north and Na Beantann Alam struggles to exist between, as do a plethora of duchies, princedoms and other rogue states.

The Kingdom of Alba:

~ Information ~ Relevant Factions ~ National Currency ~ Armed Forces ~ Politics ~ Religion ~

Other Nations/Regions:

~ Na Beantann Alam ~ Eighprann ~ The Volcanic Plains ~ A List of the Rogue States ~

Educational Literature:

~ Empire’s Echo ~ Arms and Armour ~ Of Metal ~ Spellcasting ~ Timeline of World Events ~

The Races of Mankind:

~ Humans ~ Halflings ~ Dwarves ~ Elves ~ Goliaths ~

Races Apart from Mankind:

~ Dragonborn ~ Orcs ~ Gnomes ~

Tall Tales:

~ Wasp ~ Dovestone’s Speech ~ The Phantasm ~ Campfire Tale ~

Ten Years Prior:

~ Lord Kordromans Letter to Windsong Abbey ~ Streets of Gerelden ~ Mist and Waves ~ Tales of the North ~

The Caravan:

~ The Road of Relics ~ Manifest ~

Before delving too deeply into the geography, do check out our map! If you’re interested in the plot, go here and start from the beginning. The rest of this page shows the characters, settings and plot items relevant to each chapter of the ongoing Whisperer in Darkness story.

Chapter One: Raylack

The Risen Adventurers:

~ Members ~ Badass Exploits ~ Vanquished Foes ~

The Village of Raylack:

~ Basic Information ~ Notable Villagers ~ Locations ~ Trade ~

Other Information:

~ The Old Ones ~ The Mist ~ Empire’s Echo ~ Raylack Farmers Guild ~ Magicians Guild of Mali ~

Chapter Two: Gerelden

The Capital Punishers:

~ Members ~ Badass Exploits ~ The Knights of Arcelor ~

The City of Gerelden:

~ Basic Information ~ City Factions ~ Notable Cityfolk ~ Locations ~ Trade ~ The Gerelden Dispatch ~

Other Information:

~ The Necronomicon ~ Alban Politics ~ Ichtland ~ The Manual of Reverence ~

Chapter Three: The Long and Winding Road

The Greil Mercenaries:

~ Members ~ Badass Exploits ~

Places of Note:

~ The Gol mountains ~ The World Beyond Isalfyrne ~

Other Information:

~ Spellcasting ~ History of the Elves of Alba ~ An Interview ~

Chapter Non-Specific:

~ Grimlock’s Collection ~ Timelines ~

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