Legends describe the Fini as a gigantic, gaping maw, usually filled with grasping tendrils that lash out at any living being to approach.

The Fini is said to spawn hordes of grotesque demons to wreak havoc and spread misery. Some tales go further still, claiming that these demons were once people whom the Fini seduced, consumed and then vomited back onto the land, soulless, to attack their own kin.

In the tales, the Fini would often be defeated by heroes wielding powerful necromancy, but there are also many instances where the story was left unfinished, suggesting that writers of the time were too idle and unprofessional to complete their work.

Since the Fini has not appeared in literature for over a thousand years, it is assumed to be nothing more than religious claptrap, invented in the savage years after the Mist when our ancestors were confused and primitive.


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