Encounter 9

Gravilla and Grimlock are both making good speed, but Poobeyr is winning the race, already getting near to the other side. It is at this moment that a loud whine emanates from above, and three giant mosquitoes fly down to hover above the water. They grab Poobeyr with their thin legs and buzz angrily. One bug divebombs the angry captive and then flies at Gravilla. Fortunately Lumen arrives (having abandoned the shark for now) and starts to put his ranged skills to use, downing a mosquito with two shots.

As Gravilla and Poobeyr continue to grapple with a mosquito each, a spear suddenly flies past Lumen’s head and vanishes into the river beyond. Turning, he sees a face in the water – a frog’s face. To reveal the presence of any other submerged enemies, Wistark sets the river ajolt with electricity. Four bizarre frog-men hop out onto small platforms. Each is armed with a spear or trident. Grimlock and Bombur rush at them, but on the way the pair fall over each other into the river. One frog-man jabs at Poobeyr from the water while he fights off a mosquito, earning his intense dislike. The warrior throws himself on top of the submerged assailant and takes the mosquito with him.

Spyro hovers above the chaos, enjoying the battle immensely. Wistark uses the dragonling as a conduit to unleash a giant shroud of burning fire that scorches Gravilla’s mosquito to a crisp. Freed from its leggy grasp, the goliath leaps to Poobeyr’s platform to render assistance, but the tangle of man, mosquito and frog-man in the water beneath is too much for her hammer to handle. Meanwhile, Grimlock and Bombur are back on dry land and fighting off frog-men with an incredible tag-team attack, where the short dwarf attacks through the dragonborn’s legs as above Grimlock makes great axe sweeps of his own. As the last mosquito emerges from the Poobeyr tangle, Wistark shoots it down with a magic missile and it squashes in very bug-like fashion against the cavern wall.

To get closer to the action, the wizard utilises his previously untried super running speed. His form blurs as he hops nimbly across the platforms of the river as if they were mere stepping stones, and he safely reaches the other side. Not even he had guessed that he could be so sonic underground. Gravilla feels left out, and also tries to get closer to the enemy, leaping across platforms with reckless (but successful) abandon. However, as one frog-man gets its neck snapped underwater by Poobeyr’s legs, another falls to Grimlock and Bombur, and the last dies punctured with Lumen’s arrows, leaving nothing for the bold knight.

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Encounter 9

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