Encounter 7

The chamber rumbles, and part of the floor ahead slides aside to admit a huge, spinning rock, covered with sharp, protruding blades. Grimlock swings his axe at the obstacle, but his axe blow is deflected by a spinning blade. From the steps, Keyleth and Poobeyr join the attack on the mechanism. From the balcony, Wistark and Lumen also do their part.

Thus far it has been too easy. One of the coffins beyond the spinning rock explodes, sending dust and stone into the still air. A massive, bizarre snake monster enters the fray, its morbid form consisting of human skin and offal cobbled by necromancy into a life-like shape. As it approaches it blinds everyone within range, sparing only those on the balcony. Terrified of falling off the stairs, Keyleth throws herself into a prone position.

Wistark and Lumen continue their ranged assault on the spinning sphere, giving Grimlock and Poobeyr a moment to regain their vision. The offal snake executes a series of shambling attacks on Grimlock, and he responds viciously with his axe. Another coffin explodes, and dismembered human hands leap nimbly out of the debris, walking on their dead fingers. Poobeyr is surrounded by three such hands, but they are not difficult to dispatch. Unfortunately, more hands emerge from their hiding places in dark parts of the chamber and swarm together, travelling as two rolling masses. In this form they are extremely hard to hit with conventional weapons. Wistark takes the initiative and knocks the fiends back with a thunder wave, dealing damage that axes cannot.

The offal snake lurches across the chamber to the balcony stairs. Grimlock strikes it as it passes, but what is one more wound on a creature already dead? The monster reaches up and lifts Keyleth, already battered and cut by a handswarm, as she gets back to her feet. It audibly crushes her body within fetid coils of skin and intestine, then slams her forcefully into the stone steps.

On the other side of this raging hulk, Poobeyr and Grimlock destroy the blade trap while chopping through each independent hand that assails them, but the clumped swarms are too difficult to fight. They are each pulled down to the ground under a mass of crawling, grabbing hands that molest their bruised flesh even as they slip from consciousness.

One handswarm pulls itself onto the balcony and launches at Wistark. The wizard suffers the same fate as the fighters downstairs, falling beneath a wave of hands that grab and cut with chipped fingernails, suffocating him with their clenched mass.

Lumen alone remains in the battle. He sees hands scuttling towards him as the offal snake writhes and pulsates near the stairs. Deciding on the offal creature as the best target, he draws his bow and launches himself off the balcony. He lands on the giant snake but trips against its squashy form, tumbling off to lie facedown by its side.

Hands rise from the ground like a growing mountain, then fall and scatter to reveal Grimlock Skullfucker. In yet another incredible feat of self-revival, the dragonborn gets to his feet and resumes hacking at enemies on all sides, throwing himself into wide axe sweeps that cut multiple targets into pieces.

Still next to the offal snake, Lumen uses his close proximity to fire a barrage of his largest arrows at the dead flesh of the creature, puncturing and rupturing its slovenly hide. The magic that sustains it spills onto the ground along with its rotten guts.

Grimlock leads a savage dance of scrabbling hands across the floor of the chamber and, having regained consciousness, Poobeyr begins a murderous ballad of his own. Lumen caterpaults himself back up onto the balcony, shakes Wistark awake and fires another volley of arrows into the enemy. Under the renewed assault of the Risen, the remaining enemies are destroyed.

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Encounter 7

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