Encounter 6

From the hedge, whip-like vines emerge and encircle the rest of the party. As they draw their weapons, Wistark is completely ensnared. One vine leans out of the hedge in an attempt to constrict Lumen. As he slices at it with a dagger, Keyleth fires an Eyebite at the dog. Grimlock follows through by cracking the beast in the jaw with a hard punch, and it leaps off him to attack Poobeyr, who has just emerged from the tool shed. Deciding that leaving the toolshed was a bad idea, Poobeyr swipes at a vine and hops back inside.

Wistark frees himself from the vine with a thunder wave, smashing his leafy captor backwards into the wall of the toolshed. Feeling both energised and enraged, the wizard turns this electrical power onto the other garden vines. They too are knocked back, giving Lumen an opportunity to arm himself with his bow.

Behind the dog, Grimlock gets up and uppercuts its testicles with his great axe, but somehow it seems not to be unsettled by this forceful neutering. His neck jetting blood at worrying speed, Grimlock continues grappling with the beast for several moments before falling unconscious as it launches itself at him. His massive body crashes into the garden’s fountain, obliterating it.

Though scorched by the thunder wave, the vines are still intact. The one slammed against the tool shed whips at Wistark, cutting through one of his sleeves and inflicting a long cut on his arm. The other vines slither back to Keyleth and Lumen to renew their attacks, and are now joined by the hound. Wistark is wary of using fire in such a dry and overgrown garden, but the situation seems dire. He retreats to the wooden gate and unleashes a controlled blast of fire at the creatures in the garden. This proves quite effective, and the vines shudder as their tendrils burn. Lumen sees this and decides to create his own fire attack. The elf catapaults himself at the tool shed, cartwheeling past Poobeyr who is still hiding inside its entrance. He hops nimbly to a wood pile at the back of the small building and tries to set some large pieces of wood aflame.

By confusing her enemies with psychic attacks, Keyleth has made herself invisible to most of her adversaries. She fires a regular stream of eldritch blasts into the ranks of the foe. The hound turns to the shed and tries to unbalance Poobeyr, but this is a man who has a world of experience of being knocked to the ground. When the creature leaps, Poobeyr hews it with an axe blow. Lumen emerges from the shed with a burning stake in each hand, and tries to club a vine with one. The attack is weak, but its fiery heat is quite effective and a vine falls limply into the grass.

Quite a few things in the garden are now on fire, so Wistark conjures a freezing cloud. Inside the confined space nothing can escape its cold grasp, and two vines are destroyed as they are pierced with shards of ice. The last vine falls shortly afterwards to the group’s combined efforts. During these moments Lumen carelessly drops a stake into the dry grass. A fire starts, but for some reason he ignores it, and Wistark is forced to wade back into the garden to stamp it out. Over by the fountain, Grimlock is on his feet once more. He eyes the dog with a lizard’s stare and smites it with his axe, claiming its head with his usual tenacity. The fight is over.

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Encounter 6

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