Encounter 14

Poobeyr approaches the giant slug and attacks, but its slimy hide is not penetrated by his strong lunge. The creature lashes out with tentacles, reminding the group of the Fini demons in Branock’s Gorge. Gravilla embraces her father in case this is their last moment together, but Big Sol soon pushes her away. Taking up his giant warhammer, he smashes the beast. Its squashy form shudders but is not significantly impacted. Tendrils whip Gravilla, Poobeyr and Sol, and the monumental force of the blows deal heavy injuries to the party. Still bleeding heavily, Grimlock suffers a moment’s indecision on whether to join in. Despite his agonising leg wounds, the dragonborn cannot deny who he is. He takes up his great axe and charges at the writhing monster.

The beast vanishes from sight. This is no act of stealth – the monster is too huge to even consider hiding. It teleports, reappearing close to Lumen and Cain. It immediately lashes out with tentacles, but the elf nimbly skips to cover, hoisting the frightened pissdragon along with him, and he hides Dunwithy beneath the boardwalk of the Slaughtered Lamb as Wistark distracts the creature. The wizard hammers the vorpal slug with a double barrage of wizard fire, successfully burning its sloppy skin, then legs it to hide within the cover of the Half Moon General Store. Big Sol bellows loudly and makes another attack, inspiring the weary fighters to redouble their efforts. Grimlock charges the monster from behind, making a brutal strike that carves a deep, putrid gash and deals out the group’s first significant damage to the creature.

Poobeyr and Gravilla join him and strive to create vicious wounds of their own amongst its many flailing, boneless appendages. Wistark attempts to fire a volley of magic missiles at the slug’s gnashing mouth parts, but fails to do any damage. Lumen runs back around to the unsafe side of the Slaughtered Lamb and fires a barrage of arrows, penetrating its burnt skin repeatedly. Behind the monster, Grimlock enters a frenzied, ballistic fury. Running up its back, he lops off tentacles left and right. Tendril sweeps almost smite the bloodied dragonborn, but parries from Poobeyr and Gravilla keep them away. Grimlock reaches the vorpal giant’s bulky head and, clinging on for dear life as it swings madly to shake him off, he grabs hold of the only firm purchase – its teeth.

Still bleeding from the legs, he thrusts his arm through the bottom of its mouth and hangs out over its repulsive lips. Filled with an unstoppable blood lust, he makes hard, reaping strikes into all reachable portions of its soft face with the great axe in his free hand. The massive mollusc bellows in agony and shakes its head with more strength than its face can take. Grimlock is flung through the air, but he takes its loosely attached mouth parts with him. The Fini’s deadly ambassador vomits up its own guts and dies in the village square. Its putrid insides spill everywhere and a terrible stink fills the entire area. Grimlock gets up and returns to the party with its brilliant white mouth parts slung casually over his shoulder.

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Encounter 14

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