Encounter 13

Lumen demands to know what is going on but the charging rabble does not answer, and the elf drops his end of the shark. Wistark orders them to halt, but their mindless fury is too great. Gravilla steps forward and lashes out at an approaching villager “to make a point”. The blow misses. Grimlock is tempted to made a wide swing with the shark and club the frontline of the approaching mob, but in his head Lumen’s voice demands he not do so, and the dragonborn drops the shark and takes a moment to think of some other outrageous action he can perform instead. The first pitchfork-wielding villagers are now within melee range. To try and end the conflict without killing anyone, Wistark shocks the closest three men with a non-fatal thunderwave then demands that the rabble disperse or die. He is answered with a crossbow bolt fired from the back of the group which embeds itself into the top of his left arm.

Seeing this first attack, Grimlock decides the time for diplomacy has ended… and throws his axe. It spins through the unarmoured villagers, decapitating one, cutting another in half and fatally burying itself in a third. The flying axe is followed by a charging Grimlock, who follows the path of blood and death to his weapon and pulls it out of the body with a savage dinosauric roar. The rabble are rather intimidated by this, and when Wistark makes a second threat of “Disperse now or die”, three peasants drop their weapons and flee for their lives. The rest remain, and Wistark kills two attackers with a full voltage thunderwave, still holding back even now. Poobeyr hops onto the floating disk and stands with a foot on either side of Albert Dunwithy’s body, brandishing his great axe. Nobody messes.

Meanwhile, Lumen has just finished climbing to the top of a nearby stable. He sneaks onto the far side of its roof to hide from the eyes of the villagers, planning to find a good vantage point, but falls off midway into the street on the other side. Back in the midst of the action, Cain Dunwithy’s bodyguard has made himself known by knocking Grimlock to the floor. The rabble regain some courage when they see this and surround Grimlock, stabbing him repeatedly with their pitchforks as he lies vulnerable. Giving them one last chance, Wistark magically emulates the voice of Raylack’s Reeve and demands that the mob return to their homes. They ignore the ghost sound of the law and bludgeon Grimlock to the point of unconsciousness instead. That was the last straw, so Wistark blasts the dragonborn’s attackers with enough intensity to set several on fire. Poobeyr and Gravilla charge in and clear the area.

Three of Grimlock’s attackers drop their weapons and run, but their faces are drawn deeply within the dragonborn’s reeling memory. They may yet pay their debts in blood. Now only Cain and his bodyguard are left on the opposing side. The ambitious pissdragon inspires his guard to renew his assault, and the silent man draws his broadsword and duels Poobeyr and Gravilla over Grimlock’s pummelled body. He is not a match for them. The pair slay him quickly. Wistark fires a magic missile at Cain and it strikes him squarely in the chest, knocking him off his feet. The fool’s resolve breaks, and he recoils from the group in terror.

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Encounter 13

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