Encounter 12

Immediately four standing coffins open up, and an armed skeleton walks from each one to surround him. Gravilla and Poobeyr run to his aid as Wistark blasts the bony figures with a scorching Spyro-based fire shroud. With his fiery mission completed, Lumen enters the chamber and runs up a ledge to make his way towards the Curwens. He steps on a pressure plate, and this causes two stone turrets to drop from holes in the ceiling. They fire long crossbow bolts into the fray with deadly force.

Still surrounded, Grimlock belches a wall of dragon flame at the skeletons and then immediately carves one to pieces with his axe. Despite the chaos he proudly declares that he has just executed his special barbeque attack. Wistark slides his floating disk past the triumphant dragonborn and uses it to snatch the corpse from the chanting Josephs. He sets it aflame (along with the nearby skeletons) in the hope that it will ruin their dark ritual, only to then discover that it is the missing body of Albert Dunwithy.

Back on the ledge, Lumen jams a dragon tooth from his pack into one turret’s firing mechanism. He then shoots an arrow at one of the copies of Curwen, and it disappears, leaving five. Above, the turret attempts to fire a bolt and destroys itself instead, raining chunks of stone onto the elf. Wistark destroys a second Curwen with a magic missile. Gravilla and Poobeyr each smash a skeleton to the ground, but both are punctured with crossbow bolts from the second turret. Grimlock is completely overwhelmed, but as usual unconsciousness only manages to enrage the dragonborn, and he gets up and charges at the Curwens, slaying the third.

Poobeyr destroys the final shambling skeleton. Lumen destroys another Curwen, leaving only two. Gravilla banishes the final copy, and the real Joseph stares furiously at Grimlock. Perhaps he successfully absorbed Albert Dunwithy’s essence, and now has memories of seeing his family slain by dragonborn mercenaries. The necromancer begins to emanate a deadly power that causes harm to all those nearby.

In addition to this, the remaining turret still fires bolts at the group from the ceiling, and one missile penetrates right through Poobeyr’s armour. Wistark tilts the floating disk, tipping the charred corpse into the centre of the chamber, then lifts the defeated Poobeyr with it to where the wizard can heal him. Grimlock takes up Poobeyr’s dropped axe and launches himself at Curwen in his usual fearless fashion with a great axe in each hand. Wistark and Lumen focus their attacks on the remaining crossbow, and after several hits it shatters dramatically.

Poobeyr receives some medical aid, and immediately gets to his feet to join Grimlock and Gravilla in assaulting Joseph. Curwen is powerful, but not a match for the combined efforts of the adventurers. After exchanging some ranged magical missiles in a duel with Wistark, he takes an incredible axe blow to the stomach from Grimlock, and then a crack to the back from Gravilla’s massive warhammer a splitsecond later. He collapses brokenly, and Grimlock holds an axe against each side of his neck.

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