Encounter 1

The four filthy heroes leap into action against the zombie masses. Lumen fires an arrow into the neck of one figure but, chillingly, it presses on. The zombies pose little individual threat, but as Grimlock and Poobeyr rush forward only one zombie falls to the ground in pieces. Even moonlight is dark by human standards, and the accuracy of the group suffers. Wistark rectifies the situation by casting a Light. With the area lit he is able to see the clumped distribution of the walking dead, a perfect opportunity for a burning hands blast.

The wave of fire tears through the shambling bodies and they fall to the ground to rest peacefully once more. One creature survives the attack – a large, undead bird-beast. As Poobeyr approaches it with his axe it swoops down and assaults him. Its talons slash into his back, demonstrating that, unlike its fellows, the ragged creature might have at least a little bit of combat prowess. Only Lumen is able to hit it with ease, standing at a distance with bow and arrows as it repeatedly dive-bombs Poobeyr.

Suddenly, a desperate cry for help emanates from inside the church. As Grimlock and Wistark dispatch the bird, Poobeyr rushes for the church doors. Lumen, however, chooses to clamber up a nearby mausoleum. Using a grappling hook, he snares the roof of the church then, leaping from the top of the mausoleum, he swings into the building through a large stained glass window. Alas, his daringly heroic leap is followed by a remarkably unheroic landing, falling flat on his face into shards of stained glass.

Poobeyr, who has by this point just entered the church, helps Lumen to his feet and takes stock of the situation. The voice had clearly come from the figure hiding in the pulpit, and the reason for the screaming was also clear to see. A giant, hulking zombie lumbers down the aisle. Noticing their entry, it turns away from the hiding figure, charges at Poobeyr and crushes him with its massive fists. Grimlock, lagging behind, tries to run in and save the day, but swings so hard that his axe embeds uselessly within a wooden pew.

Wistark and Lumen fire arrows at the massive figure from the safer end of the church, in Wistark’s case a powerful, bright green acid arrow that misses, smashes against the pulpit and splashes the great zombie with terrible corrosive acid. Enraged, the lumbering monster pummels Poobeyr into the ground. But it cannot hold off the adventurers. It succumbs to its wounds and topples heavily to the ground, almost flattening Poobeyr even in death.

As the group make their way to the pulpit, the devilish creature rises again! Standing at its towering full height, it clobbers Grimlock with a meaty fist. This turns out to be its greatest mistake, for an incredible retaliatory axe blow from Grimlock rends so deeply into its torso that its rotten guts spill like vomit onto the church floor.

As it falls to the ground for the final time, Grimlock moves in to make his gruesome harvest – its giant skull would now join his growing collection. As the Risen Adventurers made for the pulpit once again, they navigated the bloated corpse warily, expecting it to rise once more. This time, however, the fight was truly over.

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Encounter 1

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