Do The Twist

Grimlock, Gregg and Tarkus simultaneously burst from their respective cover and sprinted up towards Greil, positioning themselves either side of him, two axes and a staff at the ready. Euven stayed hidden but loosed an arrow as he began to widen his flanking position, the projectile unfortunately flying wide.

Now surrounded by adequate protection, Greil took a moment to scan for further enemies, detecting the presence of more arcane constructs yet to reveal themselves; he shouted a warning to the others to be on their guard.

The twin constructs struck together, whipping around a large cluster of rocks lying between them and the mercenaries and slamming into Tarkus, their closest foe, lacerating him with their aura of sharp rocks then flinging him several feet away where he fell hard, blowing a cloud of dirt and dust into the air as he landed.

Grimlock, in an impressive tactical display for one whose only real concern is the ascertaining of skulls, circled around the rocky mound to assault one of the twisters from behind, dealing a hefty blow from his axe, sending stones and clods of dirt flying as he connected with some unseen but very solid centre mass.

Euven broke into a run, still managing to remain undetected as he nimbly darted between trees. Another arrow managed to hit home, colliding solidly with the construct that still had Grimlock’s axe embedded in its back.

An explosion of fire wreathed the wind-based attackers an instant later, courtesy of Greil. The wounded dirt cloud melted away, the earth and rocks that had become part of the maelstrom dropping pathetically to the floor as the creature was overcome by the sudden barrage of attacks. The remaining creature also received damage from the arcane fire, but not enough to stop it from promptly retaliating with a magical assault of its own.

A concussive blast exploded from the creature, showering the nearby mercenaries with sand and stone as well as blowing them back. Though they all managed to stay on their feet, Gregg was injured and blinded by the surprise move as tiny particles of sand and dirt found their way into his eyes.

Without any warning, Grimlock was suddenly assaulted from the side, as the cluster of rocks unfolded themselves to reveal that they were in fact a small but stocky construct, with stumpy legs but horrendously large and powerful looking arms. It lashed out in attempt to grab the dragonborn but missed as The General took a cool step backwards and lifted his leg, bringing it down towards the creature in a powerful stomp. Though it connected, the construct managed to ball itself up seconds before, and bore the attack with ease. Frustrated, Grimlock roared at the rocky mound.

As the echoing bellow rang out, Tarkus leapt back into the fray, performing a massive cleave with his axe which managed to reach both opponents, but only hit the dusty tornado, the goliath having not accounted for the size of Grimlock’s foe, unable to see it until the last moment.

Still a good distance from the fray, Euven skirted a large ditch, after giving it a brief scan for more enemies, and launched another arrow into the tornado as, back in the melee, Greil took a quick step backwards and fired an arcane missile into the rock construct’s back.

Gregg murmured a prayer but was unable to locate a target as he frantically rubbed at his dirt filled eyes, painfully aware of what an easy target he made. He forced them open with great pain and difficulty just in time to see Tarkus once again airborne and hurtling towards him. The invoker dived to the side as the hulking goliath slammed into the space he had occupied moments before.
A lucky escape he thought to himself.

As another arrow streaked through the air, finally putting the tornado to rest, all attention was turned on the rock beast, who was attempting yet another grab on the dragonborn before being pathetically kicked away and rolled onto it’s back. The following assault was harsh but necessary; the mercenaries were unwilling to see if the creature had any other tricks up it’s sleeve – Tarkus slammed his axe into the exposed underbelly whilst Greil spewed a jet of flame from his fingertips at the same area.

The seriously wounded foe let out a pained sigh as it rolled onto it’s front and began to stand – magical constructs do not have the intelligence to know when they’re beaten and play dead. Greil slammed his staff down onto the beast with a loud crack and the creature crumpled into a useless heap of stone.

Do The Twist

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