Astral Tear

A giant portal connected to the Spirit Kingdom from which denizens of that mysterious world can emerge, believed by some to be one and the same as the monstrous Fini of ancient legend. The Necronomicon warns of the immense danger such a tear can present and details the rituals required to open or close one:

“The closing of such a tear is as terrible and soul shattering as the actions required to open one, though knowledge of the dark arts is not necessary, merely a connection to any of the arcane power sources of this world. The affair is relatively simple, if emotionally and physically draining; a circle is to be drawn in the casters blood, no further than 30ft from the tear (this proximity is terrifyingly close, it is advised that the caster is accompanied by bodyguards), and the following incantation is to be repeated:

Bagahi laca bachahe
Lamac cahi achabahe
Lamac lamec bachalyos
cabahagi sabalyos
Lagozatha cabyolas
Sam ahac et famyolas

Upon completion of this, the blood of a virtuous being is to be spilled within the circle, from a wound that although not necessarily fatal, must be close to, such as the slashing of the wrists or jugular. The tear should seal almost instantly."

Astral Tear

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