61st of Winter 372 UI

Explosion Rocks Old Market District

Shortly before mid-day yesterday, a large booming sound was heard all throughout the city, emanating from the now disused market district, shortly followed by a thick plume of smoke. Members of the city guard arrived on the scene only minutes later to find Arkham Asylum (which thankfully was closed down over a decade ago) up in flames and its northern sections completely collapsed in on themselves.

Quickly cordoning off the area and setting up an investigation, they found only several homeless people in a house nearby, one of whom had suffered a heart attack as a result of the blast. An investigation of the still standing parts of the asylum revealed the corpses of several large lizards and evidence of recent activity in what was once the large entrance hallway, suggesting that perhaps part of Gerelden’s illegal trade in exotic animals was being run from the derelict building, the creatures in question having been stored there before being killed in the blast.

Sifting through the rubble itself revealed more clues as five human bodies were found, crushed, mangled, and burnt beyond all recognition. Investigators speculate that these were likely the criminals involved in the illegal exotic creature trade and as such their bodies, however many parts they come in, will be donated for medical research.

The cause of the explosion is unknown; a fact confirmed by Lieutenant Jim Gordon, investigative chief for this case, during a press conference earlier today, “It is unlikely that we will ever be able to determine what happened here. Ever. Period.”

Innkeeper Left Distraught After Night Fight

Pegran Dill, the halfling innkeeper of the popular Cantering Cow had his famously sunny disposition thrown into turmoil in the early morning hours of the 59th when a violent brawl erupted in the inn’s first floor rooms. A group of mercenaries armed to the teeth duked it out with several robed assailants, smashing windows, breaking beds and coating the floors and walls with blood and offal, eventually making a quick getaway after apologising to Pegran and being questioned briefly by members of the city guard. Dill is left having to spend a large chunk of his life savings to repair the damage and the Cantering Cow has suffered an immediate decrease in patronage, with rumours already flying that the building is now haunted.


Wanted – A real man for general lifting around the house.

Missing – Red and Green Macaw, vanished from marketplace after minor disturbance. Reward for return. Contact Tamir.

For Sale – Genuine dragon eye, slightly damaged.

61st of Winter 372 UI

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